Control your inventory and vendor stock

Easily sell, receive, reserve, track and analyse 
your inventory on multi-locations.

Automated and smart multi warehouse management

  • Multiple stock locations

    Control your inventory by stores, warehouses and vendors. You can track your online stores, marketplaces and physical outlets inventory separately.

  • Pick the right warehouse automatically

    Pack4it selects the warehouse that is nearest to your customer's shipping address. Split order items between several warehouses.

  • Live-time updates

    Connect certain warehouse with online store or marketplace and update product stock automatically.

Automated and smart multi
                        warehouse management

Easy Integrated with all your tools

Connect your online stores, marketplaces and accounting tools to Pack4it and do all operation faster!

More about intergrations

Flexible inventory management

  • Barcodes

    Use barcodes for products including separate barcodes for product variants. Barcodes are also included on receipts so that you can find orders easily.

  • Bulk import

    The export and import function, lets you add, update, and count thousands of inventory items at once. Easily apply important updates such as price and other product information changes without any delays.

  • Stock by variant

    Create multiple variations of your products based on size, color, material, and more. Assign a unique SKU to each option and track its stock level.

Flexible inventory management

Purchase Orders

  • Re-order reminders and low stock notification

    You can send the reminder of each individual product what inventory is about to run low.

  • Purchase Orders

    Select a supplier from the list and send a purchase order via email. Or print purchase order list. Quickly check your PO status.

  • Suppliers

    Add your supplier list and record all information, contact details. Make a purchase order, or convert sales order to Dropship with several clicks.


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It is easy to get started

It is easy to get started

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