Launching Pack4it: New Generation of B2B SaaS platform

New Generation of Modern B2B SaaS platform for eCommerce companies.

Cloud Service Pack4it allows you to manage all your Point of Sales, warehouses and simplify multi-vendor operations.

The product is designed to simplify all processes of e-commerce business management and significantly reduce the costs of the development and support department, as well as help get rid of daily mistakes in the process.

eCommerce Market Problem

Every day retailers face numerous difficulties related to managing their sales outlets, warehouses and all operations with their multi-vendors. 

Even a single online store with good sales requires a large team to process orders, manage warehouses, communicate with vendors, and more. And the number of problems/mistakes only increases if you have:

  • more than one online store; 
  • multiple seller accounts on various marketplaces (eBay/Amazon);
  • different offline sales outlets. 

In this case, you’re inevitably faced with the following problems:

  • Confusion with the goods in stock: incorrect shipment of goods; no product in stock, although the information on the site hasn’t been updated yet;
  • Orders are being processed too long and in different places;
  • There is no single client database or customer segmentation; 
  • Communication with suppliers requires manual work; 
  • There is no quick access to statistics; 
  • Increased costs for the work of managers; 
  • Drop-shipping requires long order processing, a lot of calls and messages;
  • High financial costs for programmers who customize your site/system in the hope of simplifying your business processes;
  • and more…

Today, sellers solve their problems in two ways:

  • they hire developers to customize their own store management system. That takes years and requires huge monthly financial support costs;
  • they use a number of different management platforms and work in several programs at once, which is expensive and difficult, especially if there is no proper connection between them. 


With Pack4it you can manage all your Point of Sales, warehouses and simplify multi-vendor operations. 

How it works

  1. create an company account on Pack4it;
  2. connect any sales channels: online and off-line stores, marketplaces;
  3. add your warehouses; 
  4. add vendors list;

And do all operations many times faster and easier! 

Sales Orders Features

  1. All your sales orders in one easy place! Manage sales order fulfilment much faster and more flexible than ever.
  2. Split order items between different warehouses and vendors within the same order. 
  3. Or convert sales order or specific line item to Drop-ship!
  4. Send quotes to your vendors to get costs directly from them before selecting one.
  5. Your vendors will receive Purchase order or quotation requests. And would have the ability to use a convenient and simple interface to communicate with your team. All your warehouses will receive packing slips immediately.
  6. Track analytics of all your points of sale.

Orders and Drop-shipping Features

  1. Multi-vendor system.
  2. Sales order to Drop-ship: convert sales order or specific line item to Drop-ship.  
  3. Send quotes to your vendors to get costs directly from them before selecting one.

Inventory Management Features

  1. Find your products easily within a warehouse using shelves, picking spots and barcodes. Just scan the product barcode to see its location or add product to the package.
  2. Manage stock of a product of different warehouses and vendors automatically.

Customer Relationship

Create tasks(follow-up) and notes for your customers, create customer segmentation and improve customer relationship like never before.

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